Pain Creams

Topical Pain Management

The Premier Pain Solution for Temporary and Acute Pain

Pain Creams

Pain creams are an excellent alternative to oral pain medications. Oral Pain medications usually contain narcotics, which are extremely addictive and have a number of side effects. Pain creams work on the source of the pain and don’t work on the nerves. Pain creams are also compounded meaning that they are especially made for you, so that you get all the medication where you necessary.

Better than Oral Narcotics

  • Non-addicting like because there’s no effect on the serotonin or dopamine areas of the brain.
  • No potentially hazardous effects on the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular or respiratory systems

Better than Injectable Corticosteroids

  • Topical pain creams mask pain by acting on the nerves
  • This method doesn’t affect the source of the pain.

How does topical pain management improve patient outcomes?


Pain Creams
  • Individualized therapies
  • Immediate and long-term relief preparations
  • Can combine several treatments into one medication that may include:
    • Anesthetics
    • Antispasmodics
    • NSAID
    • Neuropathic agents
    • Analgesics
    • Hyper-analgesics
  • This customized pain ccream medicine is able to provide immediate pain relief and while attacking the source of the pain.

Pain Creams Customized to Your Needs:

We partner with the highest quality compounding pharmacies that will produce pain creams customized to your specific ailments. Dr. David Suarez combines his experience, patient input & symptoms, along with cutting edge medical technology to create your formulation.

Process and Quality:

Our pharmacy partners yield the highest quality topical pain relief on the market by following stringent quality control guidelines. This minimizes the amount of medication needed while producing the greatest benefit to you.

Patient Support:

We provide patients with professional, specialized care throughout the entire process. HIPPA compliance is always maintained to protect patients’ personal and insurance data. Of course, our pharmacies will be happy to help with prescription verification, shipping confirmation, and excellent customer service.

Pain Creams


How do physicians identify potential patients for topical pain management?

Physicians perform a physical examination and thorough history assessment of your pain and complaints. After your evaluation, you and your physician will develop an individualized pain management program.

Are pain creams addictive?

One of best advantages of pain creams are they do not contain any addictive medications.

Where do you put the pain creams?

The pain creams are placed directly on the area of pain. Since they are applied topically they are generally not absorbed systemically and do not harm the kidney or liver like oral medications.

Are topical creams expensive?

Pharmacies charge usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) prices. Since we use a compounding pharmacy, we are able to create preparations based on your individual medical needs, therefore the cost may differ.

Does insurance cover topical pain management preparations?

Most major medical plans do cover compounded medications, this is not the case for Medicaid and Medicare. If your prescriptions are not covered by insurance, we can make sure that the pharmacy is able to get you an affordable price and will work on a direct payment plan that will work best for you.

Can pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding women use a topical pain cream safely?

We do not recommend the use of topical pain medication for pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding women.