Pharmacologic Weight Loss Aids

Pharmacologic Weight Loss Aids


Lifestyle and a Healthy Diet

Lifestyle adjustments and adopting a healthier diet are often first-line treatment methods for individuals who are obese or overweight. Of course, other means may be necessary to help patients lose weight in some cases. Consequently, Dr. David Suarez of Fountain of Youth Rx may recommend certain pharmacologic weight loss aids that can help the process.

These medications are designed to aid patients in their weight loss through various physiological adjustments. The medication prescribed will often depend on various factors. However, such medicines may impact the patient’s metabolism. Medications may also affect the way calories and nutrients are absorbed from food, and even your appetite.

Duration of Use of Pharmacologic Weight Loss Aids

Patients should inquire about the length of time they will be recommended to take the medication. Most of these weight loss drugs are designed for short term use. Never use any pharmacologic aid outside of the guidelines described by your doctor and/or pharmacist.

Contact Dr. Suarez or your pharmacist immediately if:

  • If you have any questions about the regimen or medication.
  • If you run into any complications.
  • Notice any side effects.

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Never self-adjust your medication, as this may lead to more serious complications. Of course, you should consult your doctor before taking any weight loss medications, whether a prescription is required or not.

Some drugs work to increase the rate at which the body processes the food the patient consumes. By speeding up a slower metabolism, the body will become more efficient at processing the food you eat. As a result, it will help you burn its calories quicker. Other drugs may reduce the absorption of fat. The effect is, lower calories that are ultimately absorbed by the body. Additionally, others work by reducing one’s appetite so he or she does not consume as much as they normally would.

Pharmacologic Weight Loss Aids Side Effects

As with any drugs, pharmacologic weight loss aids may come with certain side effects. These should be reviewed with the help of a doctor such as Dr. David P. Suarez. Some patients may be found to be poor candidates for certain medications. However, they may be encouraged to pursue other means of weight loss.

It is also important to note that while these drugs may be helpful in losing weight, patients must also adopt a healthier lifestyle. This will help them keep the weight from returning. Once you stop taking these medicines, a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain weight loss.

Pharmacologic Weight Loss Aids Help Your Weight Loss, not Your Lifestyle

As alluded to, pharmacologic weight loss aids are just that, aids. They are not intended to replace the dedication and commitment to living healthier. Because healthy living is required to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Patients may even be encouraged to first adopt lifestyle changes.  These changes may include a healthier, more balanced diet as well as increase their physical activity levels. Dr. David P. Suarez will offer assistance in these key education areas of nutritional counseling and behavior modification.

Meal replacement or Pain Management may even be viable options for some patients. Dr. David P. Suarez will further discuss your weight loss goals with you. Finally, he will then develop a workable plan to help you lose weight and maintain a healthier body weight.

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